Friday, May 3, 2013

Confessional Friday

It's rainy in Hernando today. It's also cold, so I've been wearing my pea coat. At the moment I'm curled up in a booth at my favorite restaurant Buon Cibo with a slice of the best coconut cream pie in town and a mug of coffee. Other than wondering if I was somehow the cause of the restaurant's sudden power outage, since it occurred just as I crossed the threshold, this is perfect. (Don't worry. After a few moments of sharing this unexpected turn of events and funny commentary, the power came back.)

Shooting for actual "confessions" today...
  • This is my new favorite dress. I've loved ModCloth for a long time but this was my first purchase from them. I'm in love.
  • As crazy and even sometimes stressful as Bonnaroo was last year, I still wish I was going again this year. I'm going to miss all the hippies, hipsters and wanna-be-hipsters. The music and blankets and colors and fun. Just not the smell of marijuana.
  • fun. actually played Bonnaroo last year so there's ^ that.
  • For loving vibrant colors and generally being a colorful person myself I'm actually very drawn towards neutral colors. Navy, gray, brown, tan... 'cept when it comes to marigold yellow. Then I'm really gone.
  • "I'd rather waltz than just walk through the forrest."
  • No srsly. I know they're Owl City song lyrics but I'd rather waltz than just walk. I'm just saying. If I were in the forrest.
  • But I can't read it without singing the melody in my head.
  • Speaking of Melody, she's my favorite. We had a photo shoot Monday (below).
  • I once said that if my soul were a song it'd be Can't Take It In by Imogen Heap. I still hold to that.
  • Last week we had the wonderful Mask family over for dinner. We ate food, played CatchPhrase, talked a lot and laughed possibly even more.
  • This is what happens when I try to write actual confessions. Or maybe it's just my mood. Either way, I'd love to keep writing, but I've got a homeschool graduation to catch! My brother is the MC and he's going to knock it out of the park.
Melody & Me
{fyi, Melody is my sister by unofficial adoption, the sister of my other adopted siblings Austin and Audrey}

possibly one of her first encounters with PhotoBooth?

ahh, favorite.

"Seriously, what is this?"

her current favorite toy: empty water bottle

buuut pulling hair is more fun than even the water bottle

oh, sisters.

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