Friday, April 26, 2013

Confessional Friday

It's been a packed and unforgettable couple of months (my last Confessional Friday was in January - oops!). Olivia and I are headed to a play, so I'll leave ya to it!

  • Think I have decided that I want gray somewhere in the color scheme of my wedding.
  • My friend Laura recently got me into pear with brie. The salty but creamy cheese pairs nicely (pun intended) with the light sweetness of the fruit.
  • A few weeks ago one of my best friends surprised me with tickets to see Ben Rector in concert in Oxford on April 3rd. Ladies and Gentlemen, you simply must see that man someday. It was probably the best concert I've ever been to and an all around incredible night of happy, tasteful music, fun friends and boatloads of laughter.
  • I love soft-boiled eggs (boiled 5 minutes; the white is cooked and the yolk is hot and runny). I have them for breakfast, lunch sometimes, and snacks.
  • In May I am headed to Colorado for a friend's wedding. There are so many levels of awesome in that statement. Favorite state. Beautiful time of year. Amazing friends. Wedding. Love.
  • I recently made this cake. It was quite the ordeal finding the pistachios and figs, but it was worth it! A unique dessert for sure.
  • For the first time ever I followed the NCAA March Madness tournament (didn't know what it was before this year). I even made a bracket! It was so fun dialoguing and "competing" with friends, and being even slightly educated on this topic has provided so many conversation opportunities with people with whom I typically have very little in common (in other words, I can hold a legitimate conversation with a grown man about basketball; it's fun and a total blessing). My champion pick, Syracuse, made it so close to the end! I'll never forget this tournament, and I encourage any girl who has never experienced March Madness to jump in next year. It's fun for everyone. :)
  • Currently I am obsessed with fresh clementines.
  • Several weeks ago I finished my Liberal Arts Capstone course at Thomas Edison (a 100 on my final project and an A in the class. Praise. God.), and this week I passed another test, gaining 3 more credits. Literally I have two Excelsior tests and two ALEKS courses before I finish college.  Excelsiors are tests similar to CLEPs, and ALEKS are self-paced courses, which means? I should finish this summer. Let's not talk just yet about how I will FREAK OUT when that day comes.
  • I. cried.
  • In June my mom, Mark and I are headed to Richmond, Virginia for the Farewell Extravaganza of the one-and-only Lydia Shanks. Lydia will be moving on from TeenPact after so many years of service, and we're sending her off right with a massive cocktail party. I just ordered what will hopefully be my dress for the event. It will be unspeakably wonderful to see so many good friends from my TeenPact years.
Olivia and me at the play Medea at University of Memphis; it was frightening but good!

thought I'd show you my yellow tights; I'm rather fond of them.

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