Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tiny Dinner!

What do two 20-something year old girls do for fun on a Monday night?

Make a Tiny Dinner, of course!

My friend Laura and I share a real love for tiny things. Tiny people, tiny clothes, tiny accessories... tiny food! The following pictures are the results of our adventure not only making an entire tiny meal, but using only tiny dishes and utensils as well. It was far too much fun than it made sense to be. :)

The Menu
  • carrot salad
  • crescent rolls
  • swedish meatballs & noodles
  • homemade ice cream
for real tiny grater, y'all.

raisins cut up look like miniscule raisins.

making crescent rolls.

ready to bake.

the boiling noodles; this miniature boiler was one of my favorites.

meatball sauce in the making; loved this spatula.

the perfect measuring cup.

sauce; yes it's a whisk. :)

Laura rolling meatballs!
Who knew meatballs could be adorable?

appetizer: carrot salad

doesn't look appetizing, but it was delicious, and surprisingly filling!
the bread: crescent rolls

probably my favorite: teeny, tiny crescent rolls.

While I wasn't looking, Laura used wax paper, a chunk of butter and a Sharpie to make this miniscule stick of butter.
Later, she told me to get "the butter" out of the fridge.
I laughed really hard. :)

buttering away!

main course: swedish meatballs & noodles

possibly my favorite dish of the night: an itty bitty baking dish.
looks like Paula Dean, right?
Unfortunately I forgot to snap a picture of the meatballs and noodles in the dish, which was hilarious.

but here they are on my plate; once again, not that presentable, but it was delectable.

dessert: homemade ice cream

Finally, Laura surprised me by pulling out her teeny tiny genuine ice cream maker (from American Girl, actually).
We did mix for a while, but agreed that it would probably take several hours to get such a small proportion of cream to become ice cream. The tablespoon of cold cream tasted good, however!
Really, the whole affair turned out fantastic, and I'm thinking another tiny meal with more people this time is in the making.

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  1. =) you make me smile Anna-Kate. I love randomly catching up a bit...this dinner looks like it was sooo fun