Friday, March 30, 2012

Confessional Friday

Five minutes 'til midnight!
  • For some reason, I don't like background music that I don't know. If I am unfamiliar with the music and lyrics, it feels like noise if I'm not focusing on it.
  • I took the Intro to Computing test Monday and passed (yay!), and am now studying Western Civilization I.
  • Kingdom Come by The Civil Wars is often on repeat right now.
  • White daisies are my favorite flowers.
  • I plan to wear skirts especially often this summer. 
  • As of Monday, I am a college senior with 90 credits. My senior year will hopefully be the shortest of them all!
  • I just mixed up half-wheat, half-white batter for pancakes in the morning!
  • I will most likely be seeing an Aussie or three this summer. This constitutes dangerous amounts of excitement and anticipation.
  • In May I will be going to Cordoba, Mexico with my church to serve at the Mexican-Indian Training Center. I have never actually been on a mission trip, so I'm very excited to see how God will work in my heart while down there. Since I think I may want to serve full time someday, I hope I gain a good perspective of what it's truly like.
Last month Sara and I spent the weekend at a bed & breakfast in Helena, Arkansas.
She's one of my favorites. :)

Our back door led straight to the roof.
Also, shirtdresses are my favorite. Even my comfort zone.

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