Friday, March 2, 2012

Confessional Friday

What an exceptionally productive week - a lovely balance of focused study and quality time with friends. Every morning and afternoon has involved a productive yet relaxing study session at the library, every evening time well-spent with various friends (from a dinner party with very old friends, and a movie night with my girl Macy, to church music night with my spiritual family, and Little Debbies & life talk with my favorite musicians Mark and Sam).

As I have said to numerous people over the course of the past month, actually spending the majority of my time in my own hometown, with local people, is a novelty to me. No, it really is! I've been blessed with many opportunities in my life to travel, but after years of doing just that (which I wouldn't change), my life has slowed down significantly. Now leaving town for a week seems like an eternity! I'm loving it. :) The familiarity is comforting and beautiful. So thankful.

Well, here's the weekly confessions...
  • I'm an office work nerd. I love to keep up with my checkbook and bank account.
  • When I study at the library, I always use the same table near the children's section. Sure, it would be quieter in the back near the non-fiction. But not near as hilarious and adorable.
  • If I could meet anyone that is alive today, I would probably choose Adam Young (Owl City).
  • I love to wear ribbons in my hair.
  • I just started reading in Genesis with the intent of reading through the entire Bible. Daunting but exciting at the same time.
  • Flats and cardigans are my weakness.
  • My very favorite movies tend to be war/drama/thought-provoking films, like The Patriot, The Count of Monte Cristo, and Inception, although I adore the classic chick flick (While You Were Sleeping, etc).
  • The idea of my dream of rescuing and caring for foreign orphans coming true excites and terrifies me at the same time.
  • One of the best things in the whole world is when a friend feels comfortable and knows me well enough to consider my belongings just as much theirs as mine. It's the ultimate comfort when a friend takes a fry from my plate with no warning, or uses my stuff without feeling the need to ask. So simple. So profound.
  • My love language (never heard of 'em? please ask me!) is Quality Time, with Physical Presence/Touch as a close second.
the exemplary ribbon

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