Thursday, January 5, 2012

His mercies are new... every year?

In a perfect world, in which I were a perfect person and had perfect skills and copious amounts of time, this blog post would be organized, exhaustive, spiritually deep, clever, and engaging to read.

Unfortunately, I am not per-... but no, that's not the right word. My true desire is not to be perfect. My true desire is to be so captivated by the God of the universe that His light radiates from my person. Therefore, a rewriting is in order...

Fortunately! I am not perfect, He is, and this blog post - indeed, this entire blog - will attest to that beautiful and glorious fact.

It is late, tomorrow is close at hand, but I wanted to take a moment and welcome the New Year, including the mercies that have yet to be showered upon us, but which are guaranteed. For two reasons! One, that we are sinners, and are therefore absolutely bound to blunder and go astray. Two, that the God we serve is absolutely faithful to save, not merely once, but continually - persistently - every moment, every day, every week, every month... every year. 2012 is no different.

I glory in that reality.

Because blog posts that include a picture are always more exciting. I miss this place.
[not my photo}


  1. Refreshing.
    There is a holy hush when frailty shames the strong.

    Happy 2012

  2. hello Anna!! this is lauren saying hello from the frozen north waistland. :D
    are you guys ever gonna come back here and visit?

  3. Hey Anna, I just tagged you in a fun questionnaire over at my blog. :)

    - Anna