Saturday, September 3, 2011

the Farmer's Market!

There is something so pleasant and satisfying about strolling around the local Farmer's Market.  Small town life.  Healthy home-grown food, families, supporting local business, good smells, the fruit of hard work, laughter, familiar faces...

Two weeks ago a lady I babysit for (the three most adorable little girls you've ever seen; watch Despicable Me and you've about got it) offered me a glass of locally bottled, non-homogenized whole milk.  Since I am something of a milk connoisseur, I gladly obliged!  It was absolutely delicious - creamy, and not to mention much better for us than store bought milk.  (This is when you nod and say, "Is that right?" and don't ask me any questions because I don't actually know details.  Heh.)

She said she got it every Saturday morning at the local Farmer's Market at the Hernando Square, the old historical part of my town.  It sounded like my kind of thing, so the next Saturday we went together and I bought my first half-gallon.  Hooked is the word, I think?  :)  I'm excited to go every week that I can.  My mom and I just returned with tomatoes, caramel cake, home-made seasons, and of course, milk.  The best part about the milk?

the fantastic glass bottle it comes in!

::contented sigh::  Now, it's off to lunch with a friend.  Happy Saturday, folks!

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