Saturday, September 10, 2011

Farewell US History!

Done and done.

After hundreds of pages, Wikipedia searches, and who knows how many flash cards, I am finished with the subject of...

United States History.

Farewell treaties, labor unions, and minorities. So long Christopher Columbus, all the way to the beginning of the War on Terror. And everything in between, including, but not limited to, the Civil War, Roaring 20s, Depression, post-World Wars America, and Vietnam.

Even though they have not been the easiest of exams, I will miss them. While studying for them, I would literally get sidetracked researching the lives of people from my country's past. So many people... experiences, decisions, mistakes, redemptions... it absolutely fascinates me. I could read about people and their lives forever. I also tended to research the World Wars more than the rest. The geographical aspect alone interests me. How I love the globe. :)

Since the majority of America's history revolves around the Presidents, I decided to make a timeline based on their terms in office! It helped to solidify events and their time periods in my mind, and gather a sort of flow of events. It wasn't fancy, but I enjoyed keeping up with it. This is what it looked like at the end...

Next CLEP test... American Government! Thanks TeenPact for the jump start. ;)

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