Friday, August 31, 2012

Confessional Friday

Hey folks. This week was interesting because for the first time ever I "started classes" the same week that most of my friends started school as well. Granted, I only have two classes and they're online, but it's still much more structured than usual for me. I think it'll be good. :)
  • There is a tiny French bakery called the Boulangerie Olivier in the basement of an office building on our town square, 'bout five minutes from my house. They bake white chocolate bread.
  • I am on the fence when it comes to Owl City's latest album, The Midsummer Station. Still a massive fan, but I can't deny that I am a bit wary of the direction he appears to be going.
  • This was pretty accurate and hilarious: 50 State Stereotypes
  • I am obsessed with navy & white stripes. In everything, but particularly shirts and sweaters.
  • When I am quoting someone, I have to speak (read: try to speak) with their accent, however subtle it is. If I don't I feel like I'm lying.
  • Thursday I passed my last CLEP test ever. Now I'm taking two psychology courses, and after that I've just got a few more online credits to get, a couple of other tests, and I'm finished with college. Still a lot to do, but it is the home stretch.
  • When I'm ravenously hungry and decide suddenly to do something about it, I just end up taking out tons of random completely unrelated food from the pantry and refrigerator because it all sounds good. I don't even eat all of it, I just get it out.
  • There is a vase of flowers that always sits in the middle of our kitchen table. When this vase of flowers is not sitting on the table, my whole world is off balance. It feels like something has gone terribly wrong. The height that it adds to the general area is pleasing to the eye and something that I am used to. I can't handle its absence.
  • I am just now getting into Michael BublĂ©'s latest album, Crazy Love, like some kind of cray cray (my favorites are Cry Me A River (epic; what a stud), Georgia On My Mind (meeellllttt), Baby (You've Got What It Takes) (makes me go nuts dancing).
Aaaand now! For more thoroughly unrelated photos of my past!

favorite boys, circa 2009
so much cheese
bein' all g in Fort Collins
always been one of my favorites :) The Daily Grind in Pueblo
[we never knew two years later we'd be in Australia. together.]

graduation pictures at Summit; they make me laugh

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