Sunday, October 2, 2011

Party of Two!

Saturday morning, after passing out YesOn26 literature in town, and stopping by the Farmer's Market for fresh milk and homemade tea cakes, mom and I popped into a local gift shop called The Square Cupboard.  It's my favorite in town, everything from bright children's books, rustic jewelry, and assorted dishes, to colorful scarves, candles, and locally donated art.  Not to mention, it's located on the historic town square, which makes it that much more adorable and fabulously antique-ish.

Near the counter I spotted a cute t-shirt on display.  The sign posted above said they were to support a local family in the process of adoption!  Besides the fact that the shirt was well-designed and very "me," I was excited to support someone, however distantly, in their endeavor to take in and raise a child who may otherwise have been neglected the love of parents.

Their slogan is Party of Two... Praying for More.  What a nifty idea!  (& you can order one, too! right-hand sidebar)

Horray for adoption!  My heart is so glad when I hear of one that is really, truly taking place.

Russ and Megan - thank you for your heart for this child, obedience to God, and willingness to step out in faith!

You can read their story and follow their adoption adventure here.


  1. that reminds me! you can actually order one, too, on their blog. I added the link to the post.